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01. Photography Business Mentoring

THE Process:

Feeling a little lost on your photography journey? Need a new biz buddy to bounce ideas off? Want answers to those questions you’ve been struggling to get clarity on?
Building a photography business involves a whole lot more than being great behind a camera! In these 1:1 mentoring sessions, we dive deep into the business or art side of things to help you create a solid and profitable foundation that supports the craft you love.

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02. Photography Live Shoot Mentoring

THE Process:

If you learn best in person and would love to shadow another photographer on a shoot, this is for you! Learn all the ins and outs of posing, lighting, camera settings, directing, moving around a location, working with kids & more. These sessions are fully customised to where you're at and what you want to learn. This can be an in-home session or an outdoor session and the models will all be organised for you. You can observe how I work, shoot alongside me or lead the session and I will guide you.

01.CHAT + questionnaire 02.LOCK IN DATE 03.session goals 04.1:1 SESSION 05.FEEDBACK + REVIEW


Kind Words

“I honestly do not have the words to express how glad I am that I invested in a mentoring session with Bec. Bec is a breath of fresh air and an all round good soul. She is so open and honest and does not hold back sharing her skills, successes and tips to run a successful and passion driven business. I connected with Bec straight away and felt like i was sitting down with an old friend for coffee. My mentor session with Bec gave me a whole new set of goals for my business and allowed me to gain more confidence in my skills and vision. Thank you Bec, I can't wait for our next session. You are one in a million xx”

"I completed a 1:1 mentoring session online with Bec. It was EXACTLY what I needed and so much more. Bec is an excellent educator and her passion for photography and helping others is obvious. She has given me the confidence to pursue my photography career and offered so many insights and tips on how to best run a business and attract your ideal clients. I am still chipping away from implementing everything from our session and can tell you my business has never been better! I highly recommend Becs mentoring to everyone! I will look at booking a face-to-face session with Bec when I travel up her way next as I know she can teach me so much more."

"I could not recommend Bec more highly as both a fantastic family photographer and as a photography mentor. I booked for Bec to photograph our family and to do a photography mentoring session with me. Bec is a wonderful mentor, she is very generous in the amount of information that she is happy to share, from editing tips to the everyday running of her business, and everything in between. She is completely approachable and a warm beautiful person. She is super organised in the way that she runs her business and she has so much knowledge to share. To any other photographers who admire Bec's style, I highly recommend it. I found I learnt so much from this experience, it was invaluable. Thank you so much Bec!! You are both an inspiration and a pleasure to deal with. xx"